about bcf

barbara caulkins friedrichova

born 1976,

barbara is based in los angeles, leucadia & prague

working as an interior architect and multidisciplinary designer, artist and aerial yoga teacher

loves to paint minimalistic forms and perspectives 

a favorite technique is acrylic on canvas and canvas panel

has international experience in a wide range of project types and specialising in the integration of the design disciplines, offering full architectural services to private and commercial clients more than a decade of rigorous solo and collaborate experience in the field projects from conception and documentation to implementation

czech, english, german 

  • 1998-2003 academy of arts, architecture and design - prague atelier: architecture and design, prof. jiri pelcl
  • 2001 study fellowship: esag penninghen - paris

  • 2001-2007   bf atelier, sole practitioner offering full architectural services

  • 2007-2009   ece projektmanagement g.m.b.h.- prague, interior designer

  • 2009-2014   ece projektmanagement g.m.b.h.- hamburg, germany, interior and branding designer

  • 2014  relocation back to prague
  • from 2014  bf atelier, sole practitioner offering full architectural services

  • from 2016   bf minimalist/ in 2017 rename to bcf.minimalist

  • from 2018   bcf.studio, aerial yoga and art studio



  • acrylic paintings on canvas 

  • art home staging
  • architectural concept of exhibitions
  • realisation of exhibitions

bcf.graphic design

  • graphic design
  • design of postcards
  • design of wallpapers
  • design of logos
  • building brands from the ground up 
  • rebranding for commercial clients 
  • consulting, advising


  • architectural design of constructions 
  • reconstruction
  • extension 
  • coordinating other consultants
  • consulting, advisinginterior layout 
  • arrangement
  • furnishings 
  • decoration
  • space planning 
  • project management  
  • realisation